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Clear Compactor Sacks (100 per box)
Heavy Duty Clear Compactor Sacks, sold 100 sacks per box, flat packed. Measurements 22"x33"x47"&n..
As low as: £22.78
Clear Refuse Sacks
Clear Refuse Sacks for general use. Medium Duty 130 gauge. A high quality bag for the removal of ..
As low as: £14.68
Clear Wheelie Bin Liners (100 per box)
Clear Wheelie Bin Liners 30 x 46 x 54 inches, 100 gauge, CHSA Light Duty. To help keep your wheel..
As low as: £18.67
Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks 200 x 180 Gauge
Heavy Duty Refuse Sack sold flat packed 200 sacks per case. Each sack measures 18 x 29 x 39 inche..
As low as: £13.68
Heavy Duty Square Bin Liners (500)
AML Heavy Duty White Square Bin Liners 15 x24 x24 inches, 100 gauge, 500 per box. ..
As low as: £12.59
Heavy Duty Swing Bin Liners (500 per box)
Heavy Duty Swing Bin Liners, 100 guage, size 13 x 23 x 30 inches. Will fit most swing bins, flat ..
As low as: £16.18
Mechanical Litter Picker
Long Arm Litter Picker with magnet, enabling the easy and safe way to pick up litter, cans and bo..
As low as: £8.99
Square Bin Liners 15x24x24 (Box of 1,000)
For areas of high usage our 7 micron bags are suitable for general paper and office waste. Pa..
As low as: £7.79
Standard Black Refuse Sacks (Box of 200) 130g
Standard Black Refuse Sack  18 x 29 x 34 inches, 130 gauge.  Ideal for everyday use..
As low as: £8.03
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Waste Paper Bin Liners on Roll (20 x 50 bags)
White waste paper bin liners on a roll, medium duty. Each roll contains 50 bags, each box contains 2..
As low as: £17.98
Wheelie Bin Liners (Box of 100)
Black Wheelie Bin Liners 30 x 46 x 54 inches, 100 gauge, CHSA Light Duty ..
As low as: £13.19
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