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Dish Cloths 16" x 12" (Pack of 10)
Dish Cloths 16" x 12" (Pack of 10) ..
As low as: £1.66
Dusters 14" x 10" (Pack of 10)
Dusters 14" x 10" (Pack of 10). Quality, economy dusters for high volume users. Ideal for Co..
As low as: £1.66
Galvanised Steel Scourers (Pack of 10)
Galvanised steel scourer, packed in 10's, ideal for heavy duty scrubbing.  Rust resistant, n..
As low as: £3.06
Industrial Wiping Rags 10 kg
Grade A1 mixed assorted rags for industrial wiping. Sold in 10kg vacuum packed sacks for ease of ..
As low as: £7.09
J Cloths
J Cloths packed in 50 cloths per pack. Available in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow for effective col..
As low as: £2.58
Lambswool Duster on Extending Pole
Lambswool duster on extending plastic handle. 74cm long and extends to 108cms ..
As low as: £3.56
Magic Sponge Erasers (pack of 12)
Pack of 12 white Optima Foam Sponge Magic Erasers. The secret behind the sponge eraser i..
As low as: £4.17
Microfibre cloths (Pack of 10)
A quality general purpose microfibre cleaning cloth. Microfibre cleans glass, mirrors etc without..
As low as: £4.79
Optima Plus Lavette Wiping Cloths - Pack of 25
The Optima Plus multi purpose cloth is an essential part of any cleaning cloth range. The cloth o..
As low as: £3.45
Scouring Pads 6" x 9" (Pack of 10)
Scouring Pads 6" x 9" (Pack of 10) ..
As low as: £1.18
Scouring Sponges 4" x 6" (Pack of 10)
Scouring Sponges 4" x 6" (Pack of 10) ..
As low as: £1.43
Stockinette Cloth on a roll
Often referred to as Mutton Cloth, Stockinette cloth on a roll is a popular cloth with contractor..
As low as: £5.00
Striped Dishcloth (Pack of 10)
Colour Coded Striped Stockinette Dishcloth (available in blue, red, green, yellow). Minimum 75% C..
As low as: £2.00
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